The Amnon Polska Sp. z.o.o. is trying to catch a significant role on the market of the tourism improvement. The company can take part in the complete realisation process of an aqua park including the design as well as the maintenance, which is a result of our extensive personal contact system, reliable foreign partners and our broad professional knowledge. We pay special attention to the individual architecture, financial and practical expectations of our clients. We adjust ourselves to the provided budget frame of each project.

The company has been dealing with production of water slides and different kind of aqua park facilities since 2001. We deal with design and construction of any kind of water slide system taking into account both the investient and the owner’s requirements. The items that we fit in are top quality ones: they are made from artificial wax strengthen with fibreglass, covered with silk-light surface and produced with homogeneous joining without any gaps or edges. They are resistant to ultra violet radiation, to heating and to salt water. They are suitable to the operatíve regulations No EN 1069-1-2.

We have gathered a big share of the Hungarian market with the trading of our wide range water slide family. We have a wide range of slides from the simple ones to the more complicated ones; from the open ones to the covered ones; from the one coloured ones to the multi-coloured ones, from the transparent ones to the non-transparent ones; from the different entertaining facilities to the sofa outrun-system; from the ones with tyres to the ones with boats. The different types of our slides include the Anaconda, the Black Hole, the Family, the Kamikaze, the UFO, the Free-fall, the Rafting, the Crazy River and many more models for children. The entertaining facilities of these water games include several colourful children slides with different animal figures. Furthermore, any shapes or forms can be produced according to the costumer’s wish, for example a castle ruin or a pirate ship.

We have built more than 70 water slides and 40 water game facilities for the satisfaction of the bathers and owners. At first, we worked with Swiss partners, later with Polish companies, but we started our own production halls in 2003 as a reaction to the challenge of the market. That is why we can still meet the requirements within a shorter deadline but with the same top quality.

It is guaranteed that the water slides that are made by the company are suitable to the highest standards according to the knowledge of our experienced designer, our leading repairman and production manager as well as the group of experts.

We are present at the realisations of several baths from the design or the consulting level. We make use of our Polish designer partner’s experience that was gathered from countries all over Europe that are famous for their bathing culture in order to provide an opportunity for our customers to carry out a programme that is suitable for their possibilities and requirements.

We believe that there is a greater demand for entertaining and relaxation facilities in our hectic life, that is why there are more and more new requirements both from the bathers’ and from the owners’ sides from day to day or from year to year. We hope that the Amnon Polska Sp. z.o.o. can take on a brunt as a designer as well as an effecter in satisfying these needs