Implementation of slides

3 waterslides and 1 entertaining element
in the Liget Bath in Szentes

5 waterslides and 2 entertaining elements
in the Tiszaliget Beach in Szolnok

8 waterslides and 7 entertaining elements
in the Mediterranean Bath in Debrecen

2 waterslides and 3 entertaining elements
in Szigetszentmiklós in 2003

6 waterslides and 2 entertaining elements
in the Thermal Bath in Pápa

1 waterslide in Kehida Thermal
in Kehidakustány

2 waterslides in Orosháza

2 waterslides in Szigetszentmiklós
in 2004

1 waterslide in Makó

4 waterslides and 4 entertaining elements
in Kiskunmajsa

waterslide and 2 entertaining elements
in Lenti

1 waterslide in Mórahalom

1 entertaining element in Kiskunhalas

1 waterslide in Hajdúböszörmény

1 waterslide in Bath in Lipót

2 inside waterslides in Zalakaros

4 outside waterslides in Zalakaros



4 waterslides in Liget Bath in Szeged

4 waterslides in Ráckeve

12 waterslides in the Aqua park in Balatonfüred

1 waterslide in Siófok

1 waterslide in Szombathely

3 waterslides in the Beach of Ajka

1 waterslides in Banja Luka Aquana
in Bosnia-Herzegovina

3 waterslides in Felix Bath in Romania